Digital Marketing Consulting

Our Process

Our process begins with understanding your Sedona, Cottonwood, or Verde Valley Arizona business. We sit down with you – the client and ask a far range of questions to formulate the best recommended course of action. A sampling of some of the questions we’ll ask you:

Who are your customers?
What our your sales goals?
What is your budget?
What is the lifetime value of your customer?
What does your brand stand for (whether you are Phil the Plumber or XYZ Resort and Spa)?

Grey Hat Media stands for adding value to your brand communications and your business’ bottom line. Once we understand who you are, what you want to communicate to existing and prospective customers, and what you wish to achieve (leads, sales, public relations); we get to work.

Working with Your Team

One of the key factorss that makes us different from your average digital marketing agency is our understanding of processes and people. Grey Hat Media supplements your team. We do not replace them. We always ask the business owner(s) to be allowed to talk to the people who execute the daily marketing tasks of the organization to see if they can take on new tasks as we implement our plan. If they are unable we provide suggestions and alternatives to the plan. For us, it is all about making the process synergistic and integrated. No one should stress out and everyone will be on the same page.

Final Recommendations

Once we’ve talked to your staff, management, and the owner(s) of the company, we pool together all of the feedback everyone has given and produce a final recommendation. Our final recommendation is part marketing plan and part proposal which includes our services. Grey Hat Media works with a host of local independent contractors, niche service companies, and other trusted providers.  This gives our organization extreme flexibility in what we can recommend and execute. Some of our freelancers and other providers include:

  • Graphic Designers – Can provide logo design, custom commercial art, print design, advertising banners, ebook covers, and more.
  • Videographers – We have relationships with several videographers who can produce a short web video, infomercial, documentary, or internal corporate promotion video.
  • Search Engine Experts – We have relationships with some of the best Search Engine Optimization firms in the world. If you are willing to pay-to-play we can set you up with an organization which will work with us/you – turn key, and dominate local and national search engine results.
  • Web Designers – We have our own internal web designer and 3rd parties who can design whatever you need (ecommerce website with shopping cart, branded mobile responsive website, booking website, local directory, coupon code website, and more).
  • Direct Mail/Print Experts – Want to do a direct mail advertising campaign? Grey Hat Media has copy writers, editors, a discount print broker, and mailing house. We can handle it.
  • Seasoned Marketing Executives – Grey Hat Media has a deep bench of seasoned marketing executives who have been in the business for years.  We can tap that pool for their experience at any time.

While Grey Hat Media has a stable of talent we keep our pricing reasonable by utilizing trusted contractors for wide-ranging projects. Many projects are within reach of your budget – you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Supporting Your Success

Grey Hat Media is not successful unless you are successful! We pride ourselves in our customers happiness. We work with good people, produce a quality product, and produce results that you’ll be pleased with. While we serve a national customer base we are pleased to serve all of Arizona including businesses located in Sedona, Cottonwood, Camp Verde, Clarkdale, Jerome, and the greater Verde Valley.

Or Call Us Toll Free: 1-844-GREYHAT