Search engines reward and rank websites highly that add the most value to their online community. It used to be that websites with the most accurate keyword content followed by robust backlinks did the trick. Not any more. Now you need to show that people like your content on popular and high authority websites like facebook, twiiter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Content related to your business and links to your website get liked, clicked, followed, and visited.

The demands on local business to fulfill this new need is daunting. All the things that need to be done could be performed by a full time social media employee (who hopefully doesn’t ignore your business in favor of chatting with their friends all day; while you pay them)!





Social media has a wide variety of benefits to help your business gain new customers, retain existing customers, and boost traffic and search rankings to your website.

Millenials are XX% more likely to view your social media accounts to see what other people think of your business before chosing you.

Especially if you are a product or service that they are unfamiliar with. Social media is also an amazing channel for getting referrals and getting reviews from your followers which search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing love). Many potential customers and disgruntled customers will go to social media to contact you first before ever picking up a phone.

The Top Three reasons
you’re not doing social
media for your business:

Grey Hat Media Social Media services
are the perfect fit because they

Get your business seen by locals and prospective customers

Save you time and money in getting you on social media without the spend of a part-time or full-time employee

We create the content for you to approve so you know what is going on and nothing is being posted that may throw shade on your brand

We offer additional services like paid social media ad creation and management, and more

Grey Hat Media provides

an extremely affordable social media marketing and management solution for your business. We offer several plans which fit most budgets.



facebook plan

In this plan we solely focus on and manage your business facebook page. We start by marking your page’s current number of likes and average post views. We use this data so that as we have more people like your page and share your content you see the value in continuing in having us provide this vital service.

The Monthly Focus on Facebook Plan Includes:

Your own social media account rep to ask questions, pass on sudden info to promote on your facebook page, and run your social media contests

Creation of branded facebook background to highlight your business to new visitors

Creation of a monthly social media calendar with content that we plan to post on specific days (for your approval)

30 likes of social media influencers and or business pages in your area (usually results in reciprocal likes of your business page, thus building your audience and message reach)

A monthly post encouraging existing fans to submit a review of your product or service on either facebook reviews page, Google business reviews, Yelp, or Trip Advisor

Your own Grey Hat Media Social Media Account Rep

We optimize your facebook so that it is visibile in local SEO results

7 custom facebook images to accompany posts to get noticed (you still get advanced approval in the calendar phase)

Creating a topic mix that makes your social media content engaging (one-third about your business, one-third about local goings on, and one-third on interesting topic shares from high authority blogs and websites that compliment your business niche and topics your customers are interested in.

Contest Promotion and Management




The Traffic Driver Plan gives you all of the features of the Focus on Facebook Plan + Strategic Twitter Engagement. Twitter is anexcellent tool to rapidly grow your audience and send qualified traffic to your website or blog. We use a series of online tools to find, follower, and interact with Twitter users and businesses who will like your page back, retweet your content to their followers, and grow your Twitter page while sending qualified new visitor traffic to your website or brand.

The Monthly Traffic Driver Plan includes these features:

Your own social media account rep to ask questions, pass on sudden info to promote on your facebook and twitter followers, and run your social media contests

60 Follows of other Twitter Accounts which should result in recripocal follows and content share

All the features of the Focus on Facebook Plan

Custom Twitter background branded to your business

Monthly Content Calendar of Content we create to tweet on twitter to your followers

30 Retweets of other Twitter users that you follow with content that your followers are interested in and relates to your business.

Cross-promotion of any contests that you chose to run

Optimized Twitter Page to tie into your Local SEO NAP

Twitter has a very active community and loyal following. You will find many customers who primary use Twitter over facebook and vice versa. By choosing the Traffic Driver plan, our most popular, your grabbing a wide bucket of prospective customers.




Sometimes you need a unique solution custom tailored to your brand. We’ve had businesses ask us to manage other social media accounts in addition to Facebook and Twitter ranging from Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, and Tumblr. Contact us for a free consultation and we’ll put together an affordable, measurable, and actionable plan for your consideration.