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Grey Hat Media Web Design Services

Consumers both young and old now go to the internet to find a business or service whether it is on their mobile phone/tablet or their desktop computer. They simply type in what it is they are looking for and then begin their search. Example: “Sedona Dentist.” Google will produce a list of dentists for that area along with other relevant information such as customer reviews, paid ads by local dentists there, and more. If the consumer is on the fence and doesn’t know who to use they will start with the first website to come up in the results and visit that page. That business has the top portion of their home page to engage the customer and real them in. If not they are moving on.

Today’s website design is about incorporating a lot of different moving pieces (Search Engine Optimization, Branding, Marketing Message, Social Sharing/Connection, Page Speed, and providing a fantastic user experience) into one integrated design. Grey Hat Media will work with you to discover what your business goals are and then integrate those goals into a web design proposal.

Things To Consider in Web Design

The User Experience (UX) with the website

Ease of Use and Navigation

Designed for Desktop and Mobile Devices

Easy to Use and Take Payments (if ecommerce website)

Search Engine Optimized so People Can Find You

Engaging Content which Will Keep Them on The Website

Grey Hat Media can help you find the way. We can build anything including WordPress websites, shopping carts, custom automated solutions (robots), content directories, coupon code sites, and more.

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